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Setting up a Poppy Loves Book Club and becoming a ‘Captain Book' is really very easy indeed,...


Here's everything you need to know!


1. We read one book every month.


2. The time commitment is one evening a month (the last Wednesday of every month) which is when we hold our discussions - usually with the author - and everything else is done for you; The book club questions are sent to you, as well as tips for running the book club that month. You will receive this info via a monthly Captain Book Newsletter, which will come from Annabel, our Captain Book Coordinator! (Very official!)


3. All you need to do is gather the troops and find a place to meet, preferably with wifi so you can join in the online discussions at the same time! You’ll need to have a laptop/ipad/phone or some way of joining in online.


4. There are lots of things you can do to help gather a group together - why not set up your own local Poppy loves Book Club Facebook group? I will help you with this should decide to go ahead.


5. Have a look at this intro pack to becoming a Captain Book - hopefully it will inspire you and you’ll be excited to get involved!


Once you've had a look at the pack, please do get in touch if you’d like more info or if you just to get cracking - click the green button on the right to sign up to be a Captain Book!

Start your own Poppy Loves Book Club!

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