How to run a brilliant book club

The great news is, that just because you are hosting a Poppy Loves Book Club, it doesn’t mean you have to be the fastest or the most knowledgeable reader, or have a PhD in English Literature.

You’re main job is to make sure that everyone is relaxed and has fun. Easy peasy.

Don’t forget that everyone  coming is probably already a book lover and keen to listen/talk with others – this automatically makes things easier for you. Everyone is there because they want to be! Hurrah!

Once you’re all signed up to be a Captain Book, each month you will receive a Captain Book Pack, which has all the book club questions for that month’s title, some tips on other ways to bring your book club to life and it will also let you know the next month’s book… and breathe.

Poppy Loves Book Club, Notting Hill, London

All the hard work is done for you!

We’ve selected the book,  written the questions and all you have to do is facilitate conversation by guiding your members through the questions in the Captain Book Pack. Don’t worry if the conversation strays off topic a bit (it will, oh it will) – everyone is there to have fun. Enjoy the conversation, have a few giggles… and if you can, try to to keep everyone on track by introducing the next question!

This is not a test that you have to finish and there is no wrong or right answer, so just enjoy it and HAVE FUN!

Poppy Loves Book Club, Hull
Poppy Loves Book Club, Hull

Gather your troops!

Feeling bamboozled about how to spread the word about your new book club? Don’t fret!
A group is more than ONE so if you start with just you and a pal, that’s just perfect.

There are lots of different ways that you can spread the word to help grow your book club, and here are just a few…

1. Facebook – On your profile’s wall, announce that you are setting up a local Poppy Loves Book Club! Ask people to comment if they’re interested in finding out more.

2. If you are a member of a local community group on Facebook, you can post there too and encourage people to join!

3. Put up a poster in your local cafe or library – you can download our Poppy Loves Book Club poster below.

PLBC Poster Template
Just pop your town/village/where you meet at the top. Click the image to download this poster!

4. Get social – are you on Twitter? Instagram? Why not spread the word there as well! The hashtag is #poppylovesbookclub – join the conversation!

Choosing a venue

The book club discussion takes place between 7:30pm and 9pm, UK time. So you’ll need your venue to be open between around 7pm and 9:30pm, so you have time to catch up before hand and order drinks etc…

Local cafes, bars or pubs often make great venues for holding your book club. Try to find a quiet corner or space inside, so everyone can hear each other easily.

Local hotel bars can also make good venues.

WIFI – ideally your venue will have wifi so you can get online easily and join in with the online conversation on Facebook!

Is your venue on Twitter? Why not tweet them to say thank you!

Poppy Loves Book Club, Southend
Poppy Loves Book Club, Southend

Keeping in touch with your members

You’ll need to send ONE EMAIL to your members each month to remind them where and when you’re meeting, so make sure you keep all your members’ email addresses.

If you don’t want your group to become too big, once you hit your magic number you might want to consider changing your group from ‘open’ to ‘closed’ This means that no one new can request to join. If you’d like to do this, just drop us a line and we’ll sort it.