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Information for publishers


Poppy Loves Book Club provides a worldwide patform for authors, new and established, to reach new readers and spread the word about their books.


I work hard to ensure that each title we read recieves the maximum exposure via my blog and my and my members' social media channels.


Poppy Loves Book Club is in partnership with Le Pain Quotidien and sees women all around the world reading the same book at the same time and then coming online together to discuss it, on the last Wednesday of every month.


I now have around 2500 members and we have so far had some brilliant authors join us, including Jessie Burton, Nina Stibbe, Karen Joy Fowler, Kate Mosse...


Some of my members take part as individuals from wherever they are in the world and some join in from their own Poppy Loves Book Clubs, of which there are now around 70 around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kurdistan etc… Each book club has a ‘Captain Book’ who runs the book club, and they all receive the same book club questions each month.


I run a monthly social media competiion for my members, where they need to post on either Twitter or Instagram, with a pic of the book.


The result is thousands of women all reading the same title and promoting it via social media throughout the month.


I also write a dedicated blog post on www.poppyloves.co.uk, for each new title every month.


It doesn’t cost anything for the publisher, however please see the criteria below:


1. The book must be in paperback at the beginning of the month we are reading the title and ideally retailing at no more than £7.99


2. The book must be available for download to e-reader/kindle


3. The book must be available WORLDWIDE - I have members in some far flung places!


4. The author must be able to take part in the discussion - they can either join in online from wherever they are, or come along to Notting Hill, where they can join in with the group and we also film a short interview and plug it madly on social media! You can see an example of this below (I’m not the one interviewing - that’s the Notting Hill Captain Book, Annabel!)


5. The girls in Kurdistan have no access to books and they take 4 weeks to get there…and sometimes never arrive. So I now work with publishers to send the Captain Book (the girl who runs the book club there) a watermarked PDF of the book. This works extremely well and she is very responsible. The PDFs are destroyed after book club and they are not forwarded anywhere. A small number of copies are printed and the share amongst themselves.


6. I require 6 books myself, for promo throughout the month.


7. If you would like to run a giveaway at the beginning of the month, it is a super way of gerating a bit of buzz and getting everyone excited! Prizes would need to be sent directly from the publisher and need to be able to be posted worldwide. Prizes must be posted before the 5th of the month, in order that recepients have the maximum amount of time to read the book before the discussion.


NEW AUTHORS - I love to support debut novels, however I do limit the number of new authors we read to 3 every year.





Our Book Selection Panel meets twice a year and we select books for 6 months at a time. The next panel meeting is the 26th January 2017, where we will be selecting titles for August 2017 - December 2017.


If you would like to suggest a title for Poppy Loves Book Club, please do get in touch - and we'll send you details on where to send a copy. Every title submitted will be considered by the selection panel. Please do check that any books you submit meet the criteria above.


We will send out announcements about future book slection panel dates and other news regularly. If you would like to receive these notifications, please sign up to the Poppy Loves Book Club publisher list on the right of this page.


Look forward to hearing from you!



Social interaction from Poppy Loves Book Club members for 'Left of The Bang' by Emily St John Mandel, published by Harper Collins.


Poppy Loves Book Club title October, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 18.12.48 Elizabeth-Fremantle-1

Rebecaa Whitney joined us in Sept 2015 with her book The Liar's Chair, published by Macmillan.


She is being interviewed here by Annabel - Captain Book in Notting Hill.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 14.28.05 Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 12.40.07

-Samantha Eades, Orion Books