PLBC Poster – download the Poppy Loves Book Club poster here. Pop it up in your local shops/community boards, or share online.

Stickers – download and print out stickers to pop on the front of your books!

How can I grow my book club?

Tips for running a brilliant book club
Make your book club experience come to life – props, music etc

Communicating with my members
Some Captain Books have set up local FB groups for their book clubs and others choose email or whatsapp to stay in touch. Staying in touch with your members makes them feel part of something exciting, and that’s when you get that lovely cosy feeling in your belly.
Do encourage your members to all join the Facebook group, so they can meet members from around the world and enjoy all hilarious online banter as well.

Organising a book club social
Why not arrange a get together that’s outside of your normal book club meetups? Perhaps you could all go for Christmas Cocktails, or have a Summer Picnic? It’s a great way to all stay in touch and grow your wonderful book club!

Adopt a local book shop