Adopt a local book shop

Supporting local, independent bookshops is very important to us here at Poppy Loves Book Club.

We know that buying online is often much cheaper than buying in a book shop, but if you love our independent book stores, appreciate their knowledge, expertise and enjoy mooching around them on a Sunday afternoon…  the only way to keep them on our high streets is to support them. Simples.

If you have a local book shop you’d like to support, why don’t you consider adopting it?

What does adopting a book shop mean?

Adopting a book shop essentially means supporting it as much as you can and making it your first port of call for all or most of your book buying.

If you and your book club members agree to buy your monthly book from one particular bookshop, it’s a wonderful way to support a local business, and let them know that you value them. It’s regular income for them and as your book club grows, your support can become a significant amount of their monthly revenue.

Jaffe and Neal Bookshop
Jaffe and Neal Bookshop

It’s a two way street and many book shops are also very keen to support book clubs and will often offer a special Poppy Loves Book Club discount.

If there is a particular book shop you love and would like to adopt, and you’d like us to contact them to see if we can arrange an adoption discount for you, please drop us a line and we can get the ball rolling.