Poppy Loves Book Club is a celebration of women that is getting bigger and better every day…It’s your gang. It’s your sisterhood. And it’s heart-pingingly wonderful.

Something amazing happens when women get together… there’s a magic. A comfort. New friendships are born, new strengths are found and wonderful new communities are formed…

Poppy Loves Book Club sees women all over the world reading the same book at the same time and then coming online together, with the author, to discuss it. We have book clubs and members from all corners of the world, including New Zealand, South Africa, Indonesia, Iraq, Australia, Germany, USA, Italy, Bali, Malta…the list goes on.

So no matter how old you are, where you live, or what your family, friends or financial situation is, there is a group of women waiting to meet you, who will welcome you, celebrate you and who want to hear your thoughts on books, life and anything else that pops up… (You’d be surprised…)

It’s a safe haven to discuss not only your love of books, but to natter and chat about everyday life and the simple things too…Welcome.

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